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Events & Exhibitions

Opening Laban Branch

April 30, 2015
Event is Done
Opening new branch in Riyadh at Laban Branch

Al-Rass Branch Opening

April 10, 2015
Event is Done
Opening new branch in Al-Rass 

Horeca Exhibition

August 12, 2022
Event is Done
The event will feature a host of activities and shows including workshops, culinary art show and much more.

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Welcome to the Corn World, the world that is full of joy, fun and happiness, a delicious world in which the manifestations of joy merge with the ambiguity delicious taste that doesn’t compare to any other corn products. You will feel so proud in front of your guests, friends and your beloved ones when treating them with our tasty products in all events, celebrations and meetings. So what are you waiting for!! Please make us a visit.

Our Branches

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Now Open of the latest our branches in Ad Diriyah inside Othaim Corner

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Published on 19 Mar 2016